What types of webhotel options are available?

What types of webhotel options are available?

If your online business is growing, but your website is spoiling the fun by becoming too slow, it’s probably time to upgrade your webhotel server. Here are some popular webhotel plans that may better suit your business.

Shared web hosting

Shared web hosting is as the name implies. Your website is hosted on a server along with several others. While this form of web hosting is cheap, it has drawbacks. If your website has lots of traffic, shared hosting will negatively affect its performance. It is good for personal websites and new online businesses. 

Virtual private server (VPS)

Also referred to as a virtual dedicated server (VDS), a VPS appears like a separate server to each client but serves several websites. Here, you receive a dedicated portion of the shared resources. The advantage of VPS is that your website is not affected by the size of other sites sharing the server, and you avoid the high costs of a dedicated server. 

Cloud based web hosting

Cloud hosting is when many servers work together to provide web resources like a super server. It is a relatively new form of web hosting and can lead to more expenses. It is ideal for websites with a large amount of traffic or content. The main advantage of this option is its ability to accommodate both a sudden and gradual increase in website traffic.

Reseller web hosting

This package is similar to the shared web hosting option. However, there’s an added advantage. If you do not require some of the available hosting space, you can resell to other websites. With this, you can generate some income from otherwise unused resources.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is when a hosting company assigns a server to your website only. This means that you no longer have to worry about neighbouring websites on the same server slowing down your website. This option is ideal for websites with lots of traffic and the technical know-how to administer the system. 

Whether you’re just starting your online business or it has been around for some time, you require a website hosting plan that meets the needs of your website and is affordable.