6 reasons to choose Invisalign for orthodontic braces

Have you or your child been told that you have to wear orthodontics to correct your smile and you’re dreading the moment when dental braces invade your mouth?

Don’t worry! There is an alternative to braces called Invisalign and we are going to give you some reasons that will convince you that this is the orthodontic treatment you need.


1.  No one will know you have braces

As Invisalign are invisible, no one will notice that you are wearing them. With them you will be able to smile, talk, eat… and all this without anyone noticing that you are correcting your smile at the same time!


2.  It is very comfortable

To make the Invisalign it is necessary to carry out an intraoral scan of your mouth so that, having a perfect replica of your mouth, the aligners fit perfectly to your teeth, providing you with greater comfort.


3.  You can eat whatever you want

With this treatment, you can eat whatever you want because they are removable and you just take them off to chew whatever you want no matter how hard it is. There will be no restrictions as with braces, where you would have to be careful when chewing to avoid putting the appliance at risk. 


4.  It will boost your self-esteem

As well as being so aesthetically pleasing that no one will notice you’re wearing them, Invisalign will help keep you motivated about your orthodontic treatment. You will see changes in your smile quickly and how it is more beautiful and harmonious every day.


5.  No accidents

Brackets can come loose and archwires can get punctured, but Invisalign doesn’t cause any unforeseen events. This means that you won’t have to go to the clinic for emergencies of this kind.


6. You will be able to play sport without risk

A ball in the mouth with braces can be quite painful, but clear aligners have no such danger. What’s more, the splint will help protect your teeth in case you receive any kind of blow.